Paralympic ISAF World Cup

In the Paralympic ISAF World Cup the Australian and British crew took away the golds.

Classes at the Paralympic ISAF Sailing World Cup, Portland and Weymouth finished as finals were held for the three classes. Sailors of Great Britain took several medals that included two golds while the Australian crew took gold in the Sonar category.

SKUD18 category saw the gold medal being won by Niki Birrell and Alexandra Rickham. They finished in style on the final day. On the final day the duo from Britain were tied in terms of points along with Italy’s team, but the Britons were able to triumph in their home waters. Another set of sailors from the same country took the third and second place and obtained the bronze medal as a result.

In the 2.4 m race Helena Lucas of Great Britain was able to make a clean sweep. As a result, she won with six wins in all the six races. She was able to stay in control through the week.

She ended up having won gold, her second one in Portland and Weymouth which she admitted had become a lucky venue for her. She feels that the waters here are familiar and it brings back memories of the past Olympic event in 2012 that occurred in London. Sonar on the other hand was won by the Australian team who knew that they had already won the gold before they even did the last race of the competition. The crew knew that they had bagged the gold, but even then they wanted to take advantage of the good start they had. As Harrison put it, every race that they compete offers them the knowledge of how they can make the boat go faster and to be able to work with the crew in varying situations.