Figaro 3 Transformed For Foil

Groupe Beneteau is all set to produce first series-built monohull with foils in newly launched new Figaro 3.

The initiative of Beneteau is a strong message and it’s going to have a knock-on effect for sure to yacht production and for racing.

Those who think whether foiling will ever come into mainstream sailing, the initiative of Beneteau to produce Figaro 3 fleet with foils is an answer to them. It is a radical new one-design brought by Beneteau.

Beneteau declared the transformation of Figaro 3, on Boat show of Paris in December. VPLP the leading design firm of French has drawn race boat with contemporary looking.

The new foils have been designed in-order to replace the contemporary ballast tank that used to be very heavily weighted used in older models of Figaro. The foil is said as ‘asymmetric tip foils’. It works supplements the skinny keel by creating side force and this reduces the leeway that causes minimal drag.  Another important factor with this boat is within the maximum beam of the boat they will be able to retract.

People associate with changes in Figaro 3 we’re expecting that boat will work 15 percent faster and it is working as per the expectations then its original version. Till time Figaro is a conventional and durable. The boat has been used for training and it has provided a platform to sailors those aspiring for solo offshore racing. Many sailors who have practiced on Figaro 3 have moved to the level of the IMOCA 60 fleet

Bénéteau’s marketing director of sailboat Guinguido Girotti said “We think with the changes in Figaro 3 more international can be done with the boat,” Girotti  also coordinated Beneteau project and headed racing division. He thinks racing of short-handed offshore distances and races will get benefit from this.