25 thoughts on “TRAGIC SINKING of Classic Sailing Yacht “PPALU”, St Maarten / St Martin, SXM, CARIBBEAN

  1. this boat is for sale on craiglist. you just cant trust “sight on seen” or
    “great boat” Is any one honest any more????

  2. Foolish to have bought this boat. Not surprising what happened. Not at all
    surprised they have no money to fix it, and of course it’s not worth
    repairing. Time to scrap it.

  3. Seems like a silly mistake, no? Leaving the boat afloat and unattended on
    such low waters? 

  4. I’ve hit the prop in a dingy coming out of the lagoon. It’s only like 2
    ft, there!?

  5. Good lord, rich white people problems. It’s not like it sank in the middle
    of the ocean, so it’s barely even a story. 

  6. What a beautiful boat. Granted it would look better floating on top of the
    water but hey what ever …

  7. HOW exactly did this boat sink? I get the feeling no one wants to say.
    What happened? It was anchored and then….what?

  8. I live on Sint Maarten, Sorry, but do they do not look at the maps when
    they go by boat. That rock is well known.

  9. All the parts must not have been sealed b4 assembly.
    Thats important. Especially at or below the water line. Should have at
    least 3 coats of epoxy on every part prior to assembly. Never let the water
    get near any wood, seal everything, and the boat will outlive you
    I built West System boats. They are a strong, solid ,unbreakable boat, when
    built properly. This boat was clearly poorly maintained. It looks like it
    had a pretty thin layer of glass over wood that was never sealed. Rotted
    from inside out is my prognosis. Wet bilge. 

  10. A sad video but a happy ending. I’m glad they got it repaired and back in
    the water again:-) Where are they now?

  11. sorry guys but I’m trying to save kids living on the street in Philippine
    Ils, & Ukraine, so here’s what you do Joanne & Randy, give up the boat,
    auction it off as is & come to Odessa Ukraine on the beautiful Black Sea
    take all the money & watch what it can do to save & see a life alive
    because of your work hey then maybe take the kids on the sea & give them
    the gift of the ocean & nature ..now that I think about what a great idea!

  12. I think you guys are brave. I firstly don’t trust the stability of cats in
    heavy weather and secondly that plywood just doesn’t look all that strong.
    But I have respect for you and no doubt you have much more experience than
    I do. Good luck.

  13. if people are going to give money to salvage a boat, raise the Bounty for
    crying out loud. She was a replica but she still has far more historical
    value than your old tired wooden cat.

  14. Some of that wood looks rotten, and it’s plywood. I’m curious as to how
    long it has been back in the water because this damage looks like it has
    wet for some time, and not just a couple of days.

  15. OMG!
    That must have been devastating. But this is why I love cats they are hard
    if not impossible to sink.

  16. thank you for the informacion,and the response.thankyou ,i will whit
    attencion ,bye and takake care mst.Rick ,whit respect,from

  17. Doesn’t sound as though there is deadline out to sailing again…..so they
    have time right?
    I am looking forward to seeing the video of her next sailing adventure.
    They got the crash out of the way so nothing but good times in the future.
    Is the rock that sank her marked with a warning buoy Now?

  18. How much of the damage was the original strike (rocks?) vs. when she was
    sitting with her hull on the sea bed? I admire your dedication to keeping
    her alive & well!

  19. Man! This has really tugged at my heart strings, having watched and learned
    the history of this gorgeous cat. Here are some good honest people in a
    unfortunate situation of which any of us could be in, really. That boat was
    obviously not meant to rot on land, after all the love and work the owner
    has put in to take it back to seaworthiness, we cannot let this gem rot at
    this point. Im confident after watching the owner gratefully thank the USCG
    and everyone involved in the salvage of this mighty princess, the owners
    would most definitely do the same returning the favors if the roles were
    reversed. I will definitely help with what I can. Let’s get this beautiful
    cat back to sailing the deep blue, right where she should be! Best of luck!

    Please keep us updated, I can’t wait to be updated of her condition and
    learn she’s back to chasing sunsets once again! 

  20. soooooooo……… No insurance??? I think we are overlooking the obvious
    here. I am sorry you had a mishap that cost you a boat that you are very
    emotionally attached to but you are letting your emotions cloud your sense
    of reason man. If you could afford to repair it, great! Go for it! But
    you, evidently, can’t and while I am sure that you are both great people
    you have to be mature about the situation and accept that these things
    happen and we deal with them. If she is as important as you say she is
    then sell her for somebody that can afford to restore her correctly. There
    are many people in this country who are struggling for the basics in life
    and you have the audacity to beg for money on the internet to fix your
    toy?? While she might mean a lot to you, it’s not as if she is a true
    historical vessel. She is a boat that was by a guy that you admire as a
    great designer/craftsman. I have built scratch built custom sportfishing
    yachts for a company that has only 6 or 8 people on staff, everything built
    by hand, no molds used… ever. I know understand the sweat equity you
    have invested in the refit but you are trying to rationalize the irrational
    here by trying to tell us that she has significant historical value
    so people will give you money so you can have your toy back. Are you going
    to allow people who donate to come and enjoy your boat whenever they want
    for free? I recently saw on the news where a poor old guy (and a WWII)
    vet had just finished restoring a model T ford to pristine condition. It
    took him forever to get it finished. While out on his first drive with it
    he stopped in at his church to show off his hard work to some friends.
    When he came back outside it was gone, later it was found destroyed in a
    pond. It looked like somebody rolled it or something. If anybody deserves
    donations it is that guy, but even he wasn’t asking for anybody to help
    him. sorry for your loss man but I work hard for a living and I am
    offended that you are panhandling to support your Jimmy Buffett
    lifestyle. I think you should do like the rest of us when we suffer a set
    back, work hard, save your pennies, and live within your means. Life is a

  21. I will stick by my comments. So good news,the boat is fixed now and all are
    Opinions are just that. Good luck all of you.

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