Sir Robin finishes 3rd in Route Rhum challenge

Great news for Sir Knox-Johnston fans- the sailing legend from Hampshire has achieved an honorary 3rd place at the elite Route Rhum Transatlantic solo challenge.

The sailing hero crossed the finishing mark on Open Grey Power 60 at Guadeloupe, post 20 days, seven hours , fifty-two minutes & twenty-two seconds at the sea.

Sir Robin is the first ever person who sailed solo, completely non-stop all around the globe in the year 1968. The oldest of participants at the Route Rhum challenge remarked that he is simply ecstatic to conclude at the 3rd place in this intense fight for final podium position.

“I am just on top of the world & feeling really ecstatic to reach up to the 3rd position”, stated Sir Robin.

“I did not expect to come up on the coveted podium while I marched on. I was pretty up against solid competition with more modern lighter boats in comparison to that of mine- which are way simpler to manage.”, he continued.

“My own one is quite a hard one. The elite international solo sailing competitors were racing & it was really tough.

I relished it thoroughly. It was just fantastic. There’re 3 of us vying for the 2md & 3rd place. I got really competitive & that was very tiring. It got down to the boat speed. My boat is quite a fast one. I somehow managed to maintain my lead yet was unable to go past Andrea Mura.”

Mura took over the 2nd place in the challenge.

“I was overtaken by two extremely good people. My heartiest congratulations to Anne & Andrea”

The Hampshire sailing champ thanked his family, friends & public for immense support all through the challenge.

“It has been quite fantastic as it nudged me harder than what I might have done otherwise.”