At Masters Games, Para-Sailors Turning Ahead

The green machine of Chris Sharp is becoming popular on the course of sailing at the World Masters Games, this is because it is giving tough competition to most of its rivals and finishing ahead.

You must be thinking what is extraordinary in it. So, the thing that makes it extraordinary is Sharp is a paraplegic. Seven years back, he had a motorbike accident. He is now 59 years old and competed in the tournament with a great zeal. Among the 30 competitors, Sharp finished in eighth Weta class single-handed. The racing happened for two days, where Sharp gave tough competition to other players and in the race, he also defeated some of the top players.  Weta class after two days of racing, where he is against a number of former top-level sailors.

Though, the game of Sharp was an extraordinary, but it is not like he is alone in the event who has turned heads.

Andrew May and Paul Francis the Fellow Paralympians finished at 11th and ninth position respectively, after competing in seven races of the scheduled races of 14. Sharp shared his views about the event and said, “In the event there were 30 entrants and for me the goal was to beat as many behind as I can”.

“The competition was fair, and among the sailors of equal efficiency. However, if asked who would be the one for him I could have let them cross my way is, then the person would be Andrew. Everyone else is fair game and to be taken out”.

“When I started in the competition, I got the kind of impression that other competitors in the event are wondering about our strong points and what we were capable of. They were saying words about the participant like and that give me the very, very tough time”.